L’Escapade: Episode 24

Here is yet another colourful, lively, and enjoyable Fête to show you.

Lavelanet Cinema Banner S

Good fortune blessed us once again with glorious weather throughout the weekend.

There was so much more to see than a few Hazelnut growers selling their produce in Lavelanet. The variety of attractions and the fascinating characters provided me with lots to photograph.

A Fête wouldn’t be a Fête without a few animals and vintage machinery.

A local band with a ‘magnifique’ Sousaphone, Zumba demonstration by Lavelanet Ladies and, from the Textile Museum, were some wool spinners. (I thought a black and white photo added charm to this little scene.)

John got a good view of the rope making by hand.

To amuse the children the Fair came to town. The Climbing Wall would have been the thing I’d have been begging to try as a kid.

Beautiful wooden hand-made guitars were another surprise. I think they would have interested our rock-n-roll guitarist friends back in England.

Range of Wooden Guitars S

Nougat and a Micro-brewery were the stalls that interested John…

But the most tempting to me, surprise,surprise, was the hazelnut pastries!

Hazelnut Pastries S

There are a lot of Portuguese people in this region of France and those that belong to a Folklore Group entertained a large audience with their singing and dancing. I liked watching the dancing but the singing was piercingly loud and monotonous.

Portuguise Accordian Player S

The Audience S

John lasted fairly well whilst he had a beer in his hand but we didn’t survive to the end.


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