L’Escapade: Episode 12

Nana Pops, Nana Pops!” The exuberance and unbridled excitement accompanied by the happy dances can be heard coming from inside the house. My heart swells with love and John beams. Easter day in Buckingham for a barbecue feast and fun in the garden.

Vicky's Easter Bunnies S

An almost identical chorus had greeted us the previous weekend in Lincolnshire, where the weather was even better. So we built sandcastles on the beach, walked by the river, played games in the garden, and taught the eldest to ride a bike without stabilisers.

We have been back in the UK for three weeks now. We have been extremely busy seeing friends and family far and wide, having a lovely social time. During the first couple of week I was also fitting in some sewing jobs to earn a few pennies, before packing up my workroom.

John got straight into the packing and all the formal side of making arrangements for the big move. At the end of this month we shall no longer have a UK property to call our own, just kind family who may be called upon to forward our mail or give us a bed from time to time.

Unused Packing Boxes S

I have found packing to be a tricky task. Standing in the centre of a room with one hand on hip and the other scratching my head, has been my stance for most of the last week. I need the right size box to fit the all the things that should be packed together. However, I frequently discovered either the box was just slightly too small and some bits had to go in another box, or the box was too big and I had to find other things, hopefully related, to fill the space. I’ve been completely unable to finish any defined section of the job. I flit from one thing to another: I veer off at a tangent when I spot something else to be done, or when John asks me a question. Consequently my progress has been frustratingly slow.

Packing boxes have strict weight limits. I can just about manage to hold the small boxes far enough away from my body to see through the gap down to the scales to check the difference between my own weight and my weight with the box. However I gave up after three or four vain attempts to do the same with a large box in my arms.

Sew Little Space! S

Changing addresses is another dilemma. How much can safely be done in advance of the moving date? One website, thoughtfully, had a box for “Effective From Date” but perversely would not accept a date in the future! I want to do as much as possible before leaving, as computers and phones are aware of your location and may not accept changes being made by people from outside the UK. My email address has also had to change as we shall no longer have a BT account. So all contacts and all my registered websites need to be notified.

In less than two weeks we shall be back in France for the next round of the Ariège Adventure.

This blog is based on truth but for privacy and security many of the names have been changed and some of the story may be embellished at times for dramatic effect.