L’Escapade. Episode 2

Knowing Fashion/Clothes have been the main dish of my life from childhood, with Art as a side order, why was John surprised by the two huge suitcases containing the carefully selected items from my wardrobe, the two sewing machines, the bag of threads in every colour, all the haberdashery I might need, the two large boxes of stationery items, sketch pads and paints, plus my over-night luggage? He’d been saying for days that we’d have no problem with space in the car and he was taking his chainsaw, safety overalls, helmet and boots, as well as his enormous toolbox!

Pack-the-Car Challenge” is a 3D puzzle he relishes, however it was obvious we’d never fit this gallon into the pint pot so I offered to leave the machines, threads and haberdashery, reduce the contents of 2 boxes into 1, and also the 2 cases into one. He considered leaving the chainsaw and gear but I’m sure they still went with us.


The road trip followed our tried and tested route and was uneventful. Eurotunnel was virtually free, thanks to Tesco Clubcard Vouchers. Fog and drizzle dogged us for the whole of Saturday to our over-night stop at Chartres Campanil and continued to Limoges on Sunday lunchtime.

Control freak John hates me driving him (except when he needs picking up from the rugby club after a genial afternoon), so my tasks, travelling in France, are changing the CDs, passing food and drinks, saying “OK left” when my nose obscures his view, and noticing promptly when Tom-Tom-Tim makes an error trying to send us via Paris instead of Rouen or not recognising a new road.

We waved to our own house from the motorway and excitement grew. Beyond Foix, the storm clouds chiselling the dramatic mountains, chased away the sunny afternoon. We thankfully arrived at what will be our new home before the rain. Colin’s warm welcome included a delicious turkey dinner and a couple of glasses of rosé.

This blog is based on truth but for privacy and security many of the names have been changed and some of the story may be embellished at times for dramatic effect.

Episode 3 describes the initial process of integrating into “La vie Ariègeoise”.



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  1. Hope the chainsaw and tools made it in the car, most important 😉😉 Hope you are settled in ok, was bad weather Friday, snow, sleet, heavy rain and back to snow, that was our journey back from Toulouse Friday!!


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